malte bieler – supervising sound designer 


Malte Bieler completed his Studies of Digital Media at the University of Bremen 
and worked as sound designer for Avid, Steinberg and FXPansion, programming
sounds for Synthesizers and Samplers.
In his company subsonance which he has been running for 12 years, he gained
further experience as sound designer and composer, and his love for movies lead
him to film sound design.
He is a member of the German BVFT, and his feature film credits as sound
designer include „Serengeti“, „360“ ,„Die Tür“. (nominated for Deutscher Filmpreis). 
In 2006, Malte and Kai Storck (an academy award nominated sound designer) 
started working as a team and have since worked on major feature films.

worked with_______________________________________________

Ben Affleck, Marc Forster, Fernando Meirelles, Daniel Rezende, Stuart Orme, Hermine Huntgeburth,
Lars Becker, Eva Stotz, Anno Saul, Markus Imboden, Tim Trageser
Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival (US) 2011
(“Best Sound” – SERENGETI)
7.1 Pro Tools Edit Suite